World Water Global News | Sept/Oct 2015

World Water Global News | Sept/Oct 2015

Algaewheel Wins WEF 2015 Innovative Technology Award

Pamela Wolfe, Editor-in-Chief WEF Publishing UK, Ltd.

Volume 38 / Issue 5
September / October 2015  Global News page 8

World Water Magazine | Vol.38 Issue 5

WorldWater SeptOct Issue

WaterWorld Algaewheel Wins WEF Award










OneWater Inc., pioneer of the Algaewheel wastewater treatment process, was presented with the prestigious 2015 Innovative Technology Award for the Algaewheel technology from the Water Environment Federation on September 29 during WEFTEC 2015. Christopher Limcaco, the inventor of the Algaewheel and OneWater’s chief technology officer, accepted the award.

Algaewheel is a proprietary technology developed by OneWater Inc., a company that brings small-scale wastewater treatment and water reuse into the 21st century. The cornerstone of OneWater’s innovative Algaewheel design is a modular system that can be installed quickly and mimics nature’s biological process to deliver high performance. It is a low-energy, self-sustaining ecosystem, which uses daylight, algae, and bacteria to autonomously deliver treatment without the need for dedicated skilled staff and complex process control.

The technology solves the problems of current small-scale treatment thus enabling communities and businesses to move away from centralized, big-pipe infrastructure to decentralized independent treatment and reuse. […] | World Water Magazine | Water Environment Federation


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