WEF’s Water Microbiology Conference  Chapel Hill, North Carolina  

WEF’s Water Microbiology Conference  Chapel Hill, North Carolina  

On May 19-21st, 2015, Daniel Johnson, SVP of Biological Engineering at OneWater Inc. will give a 45 minute presentation with Q & A afterwards, on the use of algal biofilms to enhance decentralized wastewater treatment.

Brief Description of Presentation:

Algal biofilms leverage the mutually symbiotic relationship between algae and bacteria to create a diverse treatment ecology that is controlled, stable and delivers many treatment benefits.  Bacterial systems are dependent upon high levels of oxygen taken from the air for the oxidation of organic matter. Since the by-product of photosynthesizing algal biofilms is oxygen, the costly demand for external aeration is dramatically reduced. Algal attached growth technologies are particularly applicable to decentralized wastewater treatment applications.  These facilities are often seasonal and receive highly variable flows and loadings, which make it very difficult to consistently meet their permitted effluent limits. 

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