Water Online’s top 10 Exciting Technologies from WEFTEC includes ALGAEWHEEL!

Water Online’s top 10 Exciting Technologies from WEFTEC includes ALGAEWHEEL!

Water Online | From The Editor

“10 Exciting Technologies From WEFTEC”

Kevin Westerling, Chief Editor Water Online

October 26, 2015 From The Editor

Water Online | 10 Exciting Technologies From WEFTEC

Judging by WEFTEC 2015, the water industry is on a roll.

WEFTEC by Water Online

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Hosted by the Water Environment Federation (WEF) and held at Chicago’s McCormick Place in late September, the 88th annual conference and exposition once again broke all records for size and attendance with 311,600 square feet of floor space covered, 1,033 exhibitors, and 25,048 registrants.

Despite the industry’s persistent, significant challenges — and perhaps because of them — there was an air of excitement in the Windy City about the future, specifically with regard to new technology. The exposition offered plenty of forward-looking possibilities with row after row of product innovations, each (on some level) designed to improve efficiency and save resources. “There is no waste, only wasted resources” was a recurring quote in sessions and speeches, reflective of industry aspirations and WEFTEC’s technological focus.

Among the many, here are 10 exciting products that caught my eye. […]

Algaewheel – OneWater Inc.

As decentralized wastewater treatment becomes more popular and prevalent, an obvious concern is how a system integrates into the community it serves. In addition to how it looks, smells, and sounds, communities respond well to systems that are efficient and environmentally friendly. The Algaewheel from OneWater satisfies these demands by treating wastewater with no mechanical drives or blowers, and with up to 80 percent less power than traditional alternatives. The wheels are filled with moving-bed bioreactor (MBBR) media and promote the growth of an algae biofilm, which hosts a diverse set of bacteria. Oxygen to sustain the ecosystem is generated by photosynthetic aeration and the natural rotation of the wheels.  The modular system is housed in a greenhouse-reminiscent ‘ecostructure,’ and is ideal for applications of 5,000 to 200,000 GPD.



Water Online | 10 Exciting Technologies From WEFTEC

By Kevin Westerling

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