Biological Process

Hybrid Attached Growth Process

Biological Process

The photosynthetic algal biofilm which forms on the Algaewheels cultivates and sustains a large and diverse algal and bacterial ecosystem that provides enhanced treatment performance.

Over millions of years, algae and bacteria have developed an intricate relationship where the by-products of one group are the inputs for the other.

Algae grow on rotating wheels, using light, CO2 and nutrients. Algae produce oxygen, consume carbon-dioxide, and generate polysaccharides (sugars). Bacteria consume the oxygen and sugars and produce carbon dioxide – completing the cycle.

When subjected to light the algal biofilms become saturated with oxygen. When combined with wheel rotation, high dissolved oxygen (DO) levels enhance BOD reduction and nitrification.

A small air blower generates bubbles that lift and slowly rotate the buoyant Algaewheels.

The algal biofilm is saturated with oxygen, a by-product of algal photosynthesis, which when combined with wheel rotation provides all of the oxygen required for an enhanced process.

The synergy between algae and bacteria maintains effective treatment during variable flows and loads.


process-bacteriaBiofilm at 400x Magnification