Enhanced algal treatment efficiency


The Algaewheel process optimizes overall wastewater treatment performance in small-scale plants

Treats to stringent standardsAlgaewheel is designed to meet multiple treatment levels from basic secondary treatment to advanced treatment, including TN & P and water suitable for reuse.
Tolerates low and variable flowsCritically, for decentralized facilities that receive highly variable flows and loadings, Algaewheel holds specification due to its unique treatment ecology.
Ultra Low energy usesOxygen provided by algal photosynthesis negates the need for costly aeration, delivering significant energy savings when compared to the most competitive alternatives.
No complex process controlAlgaewheel is very easy to operate and maintain, consequently requiring significantly less skilled operational management.
Water reuseThe Algaewheel system can easily be configured to provide water for non-potable reuse, a growing requirement in areas of water scarcity.

Following more than 10 years of development, Algaewheel’s proven treatment performance solves the main problems associated with small-scale treatment.

Algaewheel’s treatment ecology consistently maintains treatment performance even at low and variable flows, with little skilled operator management and ultra low energy use.


Algaewheel® Technology Applications