A vision for the future


Algaewheel’s contemporary ecostructure and modular design brings 21st century technology to small-scale treatment

Contemporary ecostructureAlgaewheel’s iconic ecostructure allows wastewater treatment to be easily integrated into the heart of the community. Its eye-catching use of modern building materials means it is also very functional and socially acceptable. The curved multi-wall polycarbonate is designed to optimize light for photosynthesis, and together with the polyurethane SIP panel walls, provides heat and cold insulation for all geographic applications.

No odorThe Algaewheel treatment process releases NO ODOR.

No noiseAlgaewheel uses no mechanical drives or large pumps so there is virtually no noise.

Modular/expandable designConsisting of pre-assembled modular units, the Algaewheel system has been engineered to facilitate easy and quick installation and to allow expansion if required to match future demand. This reduces risk and initial expenditure for expanding communities. The modular design is cost-effective and can often be installed in a matter of weeks rather than months.

The ecostructure is a synthesis of form and function, combining the ideal treatment environment for the process with aesthetics that make it easy to integrate into any community.

The Algaewheel system is modular, comprising of pre-assembled concrete treatment tanks. This allows for easy expansion and reduces construction time to a matter of weeks.



Algaewheel® Technology Applications