OneWater developed Algaewheel to provide engineers with a smart and sustainable solution to deliver cost-effective, treatment independence and water reuse to communities of all sizes, enabling the move away from centralized, big-pipe infrastructure.

Algaewheel is a ground breaking technology that skilfully leverages the unique properties of algae to set a new standard for sustainable wastewater treatment for decentralized applications.

Treatment decentralization saves cost, energy and additional strain on aging infrastructure, in addition to helping provide local water security through reuse.

Algaewheel’s unique design uses photosynthesis to naturally create a controlled and diverse ecological environment. It optimizes the symbiotic relationship between algae and bacteria to deliver a stable, self-sustaining ecosystem, that can reliably deliver treatment performance to match best available technology standards, without the need for complex process control or operator intervention.

Algaewheel, exclusively from OneWater

Advanced treatment… simplicity of a lagoon!