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Treatment where it’s needed

New Build

Algaewheel provides communities of all sizes with a lower cost alternative to centralized wastewater treatment and helps deliver local water security

Small-scale wastewater treatment and water reuse in the community is a very effective water management model for both developed and developing nations.

Decentralization negates the need to build or expand extensive wastewater collection networks and enables the provision of water reuse, helping deliver local water security.

Decentralized treatment can deliver many sustainable advantages over “big-pipe” centralized infrastructure:

• Treatment where it’s needed – point source – quick to design and build to meet fast growing populations

• Short, small-pipe collection systems – avoiding the cost and complexity of big-pipe infrastructure

• Minimal pumping – saving energy, maintenance and cost

• Enables local water reuse – ‘local’ distribution pipe network helping deliver water security

Centralized systems are often not easily or cost-effectively expanded, while installing them retrospectively in urban areas is not economically or practically viable.

Algaewheel advances and expands the decentralized wastewater treatment and water reuse, by providing reliable, affordable technology.


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