Treatment redefined

Algaewheel Upgrade Project

Algaewheel is an award winning hybrid technology that integrates algae into a proven attached growth process to enhance treatment efficiency.

Hybrid Attached Growth TechnologyOver millions of years nature has evolved very efficient biological processes; Algaewheel mimics nature by utilizing the mutually symbiotic relationship between algae and bacteria.

Algaewheel’s innovation promotes the development of decentralized treatment and water reuse; an effective model that addresses water pollution and local water security.


Key benefits
  • Treats to highest standards
  • Tolerates low and variable flows
  • No complex process control
  • Reduced skilled operation
  • Ultra low energy use
  • No mechanical drives
  • Modular/expandable design
  • No noise
  • No odor

OneWater developed Algaewheel to address the needs of the small-scale treatment market.

This revolutionary technology uses daylight to power a self-regulating ecosystem that autonomously delivers advanced treatment with little energy use, dedicated staff or complex process controls, transforming the viability of decentralized treatment.